We’ve found that some employees (and even employers) find the terminology unclear when looking for forklift certification. Class 1 through 7 – what does it all mean?

Not all forklifts have the same characteristics, operational skill requirements or even operate with the same centre of gravity. Despite different forklifts having the more obvious dangers in common, their differences can lead to errors and very serious consequences for an unknowing operator.  It’s for these reasons they are categorized into different classes with their own respective programs. A quick overview of our forklift section can show you exactly what the different classes are, and what training you need for your workplace. 

We also offer combined forklift courses where trainees can receive multiple class certifications in one class duration. We’re able to this because the majority of the basic terminology is the same, and we differentiate the classes and operational differences from that foundation.  However, we do not offer “all-in-one” courses because it is too much information to safely and adequately cover in one day.  Additionally, we would require use of every class of forklift to do the practical testing for first-time operator certifications.

As a reminder: If you or your employees have never been trained before, an online course should NOT be considered adequate training, as it does not cover practical knowledge and skill development.  We are, however, in the process of creating an online recertification course for operators who have previously completed the in-class training.

If you have any additional questions, or would like to book a certification course for your workplace, contact us today!