Forklift classes at Clockwork Training

Clockwork Training offers Forklift operator training courses across the Lower Mainland. We come to your business and train your employees on the machines they will work with. Upon completing one of our forklift operator training courses, all trainees will get a wallet card certification from Clockwork Training.

the 7 Classes of Forklifts

Training classes include

Each class includes both theory training and evaluation and practical training and evaluation. Workbooks and supplementary handouts are provided by Clockwork Training. All participants are required to bring all site-required PPE, including:

  • Steel-toed work boots
  • High visibility vests
  • Hard hat (if needed)
  • Any other PPE required by the workplace for workplace safety

Clockwork Training offers Classes 1,2,4,5&7 Forklift operator training programs

Whether you’re operating a forklift inside a warehouse or outside on rough terrain on construction sites, every forklift operator must know how to operate a forklift safely.

Clockwork Training covers counterbalance forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts and rough terrain forklift training.

Counterbalance forklifts
Counterbalance forklifts come in various sizes and can be used for outdoor and indoor applications. They can be powered by gas, diesel, or electric motors. Counterbalance forklifts are named because of their design. They feature a large counterweight placed at the back of the vehicle to offset the weight lifting toward the front.

Narrow Aisle forklifts
Designed to operate in limited space, narrow aisle forklifts are ideal for warehouse work and other indoor worth in tight spaces.

Rough Terrain forklifts
Specifically built to move material over rocky, hilly, and unstable ground, rough terrain forklifts are designed for outdoor use and transport building materials across outdoor work areas.

Does Your Business In Vancouver-Burnaby- Richmond -Delta Require Forklift Training?

Learning the safe operation of a forklift is essential for all workers working as forklift operators. Suppose you are seeking a comprehensive, detailed training course covering theory and practical training. In that case, Clockwork Training has everything you need to ensure your workers are ready to operate forklifts safely.

A training program delivered at your business

Clockwork training comes to your business, allowing all workers to train on the machines they will work with daily. Contact us to schedule and price our forklift training and other training classes.