On-site Heavy Equipment Operator Training Courses For Your Employees

Knowing how to safely operate heavy equipment is vital for all heavy equipment operators. Clockwork Training offers practical training as well as theory. Our course content covers safety regulations, systems theory, equipment maintenance and hands-on learning.

What counts as a heavy equipment operator

Any worker operating large equipment and vehicles, such as telehandlers, forklifts, aerial work platforms, and other equipment found in construction, or other industrial workplaces, is considered a heavy equipment operator. This means they must be equipped with the supplies, skills, and training needed to do their job safely. Occupational health hazards do not have to be detrimental to heavy equipment operators if they know to operate them safely.

the 7 Classes of Forklifts

Heavy equipment operator training

Our business-to-business approach means that Clockwork Training comes to you. Heavy equipment operators learn through practical experience at their workplace. While some courses include online elements, most of our training focuses on knowing how to safely operate and maintain heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment operator program options

With the largest selection of training/services in Western Canada, Clockwork Training can teach multiple courses in one day. Typical course combinations include:

WHMIS and/or fit testing can be added to any day’s training as these courses have short duration times.

We offer comprehensive training for heavy equipment operators

While mechanical aptitude is important to have, it is also important for heavy equipment operators to be up to date with industry standards and operating techniques. Health is important, and creating a safe working environment is critical for employees to feel safe and have the ability to do their jobs.

Because we come to you, our services can be tailored to your employees and business needs. There is no strict program start date-we will schedule a time, and place to start. The equipment used for training will be your equipment, ensuring that every heavy equipment operator will have the knowledge needed to safely be an equipment operator upon successful completion of this course.

On-site Heavy Equipment Operator Training Courses For Your Employees

Safe work practices mean safe workers

To ensure the safety of everyone on-site, it is important that operators know how to safely work with heavy equipment, dangerous goods, and workplaces that risk being unsafe. Clockwork Training will work with you to implement training programs that will be most relevant and necessary for your business.

Your one-stop shop for all things safety

Clockwork Training offers you and your workers top-quality, in-depth and up-to-date safety training. The best safety prevention is to ensure that all heavy equipment operators have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs safely and have procedures in place.

If you have any questions or want to know more about a specific course or course content, call for a quote at 604-377-7345.