Terms, Conditions & Policies

1 – All prices are in Canadian dollars.
(tax not included)

2 – Prices include textbook, supplimental paperwork & wallet card.

3 – CS&ET has no “minimum” number of trainees per day (we will train 1 person, at your site), but we do have a daily minimum rate of $500 per day. This rate will typically cover 3 people, depending the chosen course, special request requirements, combination courses and a number of other factors. Respirator fit testing holds a $300 minimum daily rate due to the short duration required.

4 – Course length is typically determined by class size. There’s no way to be precisely sure how long each day will be as it’s influenced by dialogue throughout the day, breaks taken, test times, practical skills times and many other factors. All trainees should expect to be in class for at least the duration posted in the respective course page. (average about 6hrs)

5 – Anyone that struggles with English, anxiety or any other condition that could affect the outcome of the day MUST consult CS&ET prior to course to discuss a possible solution.

6 – Participants that struggle with english MUST be accompanied by a capable interpreter, CS&ET does not offer translation/interpretation. This is the responsibility of the client to arrange and have prepared. If any participant is unsuccessful as a result of poor translation or simply not understanding the information, that trainee must retake the course until a successful completion is achieved.

7 – Any course needing to be translated will be charged an additional $150 to account for extra time spent on location.

8 – Any unsuccessful participants must re take the course in its entirety, at an addition cost.

9 – If trainee names (on permanent cards) are spelt wrong as a result their own error, an additional fee of $15 per card will be charged to cover administrative requirements. Our paperless registration transfers spelling responsibility onto themselves, we print the names we receive on the email that gets sent with each registration.

10 – Most courses are usually ¾ theory (in a classroom setting) & the remaining 1/4 is in the field for practical skills training. Every worker is granted adequate practice time before being tested.

11 – Steel-toed work boots and high visibility vest are mandatory for any mobile equipment course (as well as any other site required P.P.E)

12 – All mobile equipment courses are based on machinery availability (on your site). CS&ET does NOT own or bring any machine / heavy equipment. We DO however bring all the required fall protection equipment and respirator sizes for testing for those respective programs.

13 – Competitive pricing is based on similar, MOBILE services. CS&ET does not own all equipment and cannot compete with rates from static location companies that own machinery / equipment.

14 – Once a contract is agreed upon (be it verbally, through email or by text) at a specific rate for a specific amount of participants, that contract cannot be decreased without CS&ET management’s approval. No-shows will be charged

15 – Cancellations MUST be brought to the attention of CS&ET no less than 24hrs before the course time. If a client cancels within 24hrs, a $250 cancelation fee will be charged. (Absolutely no exceptions)

16 – Upon successful completion, operators will be qualified on the unit covered in the course. (as per local regulation)

17 – Successful participants will be qualified in the province the course was taken in. (as per local regulation)

18 – Participants & their employers agree to hold Clockwork Safety & Equipment Training and its owner free of any liability for the misunderstanding of course content or its intent. Furthermore, participants and their companies do not hold CS&ET responsible in any way for the misuse and/or wilful neglect of any content that would oppose local regulations / rules at any time leaving CS&ET free from financial responsibility for damages or suit. (see our liability waiver)

19 – Recertification courses will only be offered to those who can present previous training through CS&ET. We only “re-certify” People that have done our courses. Rare exception can be made with proof of accredited, recognizable previous certification (at the discretion of CS&ET staff). We hold the right to refuse previous training that we deem insufficient. (in house training from a previous employer will not suffice).

20 – Package deals & group rates are offered to clients with multiple participants.

21 – Rates are based on a “price-per-session” tier scale and may not reflect past of future rates.

22 – Rates are subject to change at any time, for any reason.

23 – Any deals or discounts offered are not to be negotiated. CS&ET will always present the best rate possible given each unique situation. Rates are set to account for time spent accommodating the client, number of participants involved and any special attention required. If heavy negotiation persist by any potential client CS&ET will  terminate the agreement as per this policy.