Founded in 2014, Clockwork is a locally owned and operated training / certification provider founded by Kelly Falconer (Instructor/NCSO/OFA3).

Kelly has worked his entire life in the trades with extensive experience in every program offered. In the last 15 years he has been actively working in all areas of residential, commercial and industrial safety.

Witnessing so many different kinds of incidents through the years as a result of poor (or absent) training, Kelly felt the frustration of companies, the workers, and also within himself. He saw an unfulfilled gap in the system so he took his lifetime of knowledge and focused it towards helping others where he thought it was needed the most.

Clockwork Safety & Equipment Training was created with the idea of giving everyone in-depth, quality training at affordable rates, a one-stop-shop for all of the reoccurring certifications needed on site. It’s our firm belief the more someone knows, the safer that person is, and everyone them. We’d rather spend more time with each class, ensuring retention rather than getting trainees out the door as fast as possible with unanswered questions. It’s a simple principle that benefits everyone.

If you choose Clockwork you’re choosing a local, family run business with your best interests in mind. We’re committed to offering you the training you need at rates you can afford.

We’ve experienced loss, seen things done right and witnessed the results of both poor and excellent training….. Quality wins, every time.

Make Clockwork Safety & Equipment Training your one-stop-shop.