Our prices are based on a “cost per session” tier scale. the rates are dependent on the number of participants, discounts (if applicable) and any special requirements required by you, the client.

We don’t display costs because there is simply too many variables involved to hold the rates at specific numbers.

We’d love to go over pricing for your specific needs so please, contact us today to get your specific quote.

Keep in mind, we will ALWAYS be the most competitive with our 5% price beat guarantee (to similar, mobile training facilities).

We do value every trainee that sits in our programs. It’s our belief that quality sells itself. Our programs are very in depth and thorough, we are not in the business of quick cash-for-cards. We’ve had seasoned veterans come through our courses and learn new things and that’s our goal. We ensure all of our trainees leave with no unanswered questions so when you invest with Clockwork, you can be sure you’re getting training that exceeds all requirements.