These decals are usually a combination of text and pictures that tells occupants the weight AND number of workers allowed on the machine at one time. Neither of these parameters can be exceeded even is the other is under rated. Meaning, if the machine is rated for 500lbs and 2 people (usually illustrated by the number of “stickmen” on the decal) that means both workers weight gets added to that 500lbs capacity. If both workers weight 200lbs each, that leaves 100lbs of capacity for tools, material and anything else needed for the job. if you have a 1000lbs machine with (2) 200lbs workers you’ll have 600lbs of leftover capacity. This does not mean you can add a 3rd person. If the decal only indicated 2 workers, legally you cannot have a third or fourth person onboard, even if the weight restriction hasn’t been met. If the machine does not have the required capacity limits, a larger machine should be obtained.