Respirator Fit Testing

Location: At your workplace
Duration: 20-40 mins
(Depending on volume)

– Being properly sized/fit in a respirator is required by both federal and provincial legislation. Before anyone is to wear any kind of respiratory protection on the job, they must be formally fit in the mask they are about to use (and have it documented) to ensure a proper seal to protect from harmful vapours / particulates they might encounter. This test is requires at least annually or be performed:

  • Whenever a different size, style, make or model of respirator is used.
  • When any facial changes occur that could affect fit, such as significant weight fluctuation or dental work or scarring.

– As per the manufactures, filters / cartridges are required to be replaced  every 6 month if they have been opened from the factory packaging, despite the amount of use they’ve had.

– Stay safe and compliant by having us come to your site with multiple testing methods to ensure you and your workers are wearing safe equipment.

NOTE: All workers MUST be clean shaven in order to participate in fit testing. Very little facial hair is accepted by all forms of authority for the purpose of sustaining a proper seal. (see picture)

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