Training is an important part of your business health and safety plan. Safety training involves Confined space training that must be part of your business’s health and safety plan if your employees work in confined spaces.

What confined space training includes

Our versatile, well-rounded program gives your trainees the confined space awareness they need in order to work safely in and near confined spaces. Upon successfully completing this course, trainees will gain an in-depth understanding of applicable regulations and standards regarding safe entry in confined spaces and how to monitor confined spaces safely. Theory and hands-on exercises are always included in every Clockwork Training course. This course is perfect for anyone at any skill level.

Learn how to handle confined space hazards

Occupational health and safety regulations are vital to ensure that everyone working within confined spaces has the knowledge and skill to identify and understand the main types of hazards, types of confined spaces, and what type of equipment is needed.

What is a confined space?

Confined spaces are spaces that may be hard to enter or hard to perform repair work or general maintenance in. Confined spaces have limited openings for entry and exit. Rescuing or escaping may be difficult if something goes wrong while workers are inside a confined space.

Confined spaces are not intended for humans for prolonged periods of time. A confined space is built to hold something other than people, such as a water tank. Spaces such as manholes also count as confined spaces because they are difficult to enter and exit and are not designed for humans to safely live or work in them for long periods of time.

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Why is confined space training important

Confined spaces can risk accidents, injuries, or even death if something goes wrong because they have limited exits or entry points. It is important that each safety regulation is followed correctly to ensure the safety of everyone working in and around the confined space.

Confined space entry courses ensure that your workers are up to date with the safety regulations and rules that are put in place to protect them.

Confined space training programs

At Clockwork Training, our confined space course involves hands-on learning in the field and an in-classroom portion for theory training. While knowing the key terms and regulations is important, hands-on training gives trainees actual experience, which is vital so that workers can assess situations safely and confidently.

Learn how to navigate confined spaces with Clockwork Training

Our course content is designed to be completed in between 4-7 hours. Clockwork Training comes to you, meaning that your trainees will tackle all of their physical learning objectives. All course material will be provided to your trainees. Everyone is responsible for their own personal protective equipment. Upon successfully completing this course, trainees will be able to navigate confined spaces safely and have the tools and knowledge to work within confined spaces.

If you want to learn more about how Clockwork Training can help you get a high standard of in-person training, ensuring the safety of your team, contact us!