If you own a business in BC it is a legal requirement that your company has health and safety policies and procedures available and implemented in the workplace for all workers. Confined space training needs to be part of your health and safety policies if your workspace includes a confined space.

What counts as a confined space

In order for a work area to be defined as a confined space, it must meet three requirements.

Limited openings for entry and exit

A confined space may be difficult to enter or perform repair work or general maintenance. If something goes wrong in a confined space while workers are inside of it, escape or rescue may be difficult. However, just because a work area has more than one exit or way of escape, it does not mean it is not a confined space. If the space has limited ways to get and out, it could classify as a confined space. For example, an open-top tank would have limited openings for entry and exit.

The space is not intended for continuous human occupancy.

If the space is not meant for humans to work in, or the space is designed to hold something other than people, such as manholes, or tanks, then this space could count as a confined space.

The space is large enough for you to enter and work in

If a worker cannot fit their body into the space, they cannot be trapped inside.

Confined Space awareness

In order to classify as a confined space, the space in question must meet the three above criteria. Confined spaces require training courses because they can pose a risk of accident, injury, or death if something goes wrong due to the fact they are confined spaces with limited exits or entry points.

Confined space entry training courses

Having your workers complete confined space entry training courses is critical for health and safety. It is well known across many industries that training in general is, and will continue to be a huge priority due to safety rules and regulations.

Confined spaces as a risk

Training and PPE equipment are two of the most important forms of protection against potential workplace hazards. Confined space entry training is an important aspect of workplace safety.

Confined space training programs

Confined space training programs involve both hands-on learnings in the field as well as in a classroom for theory learning. While both are important, actual experience is vital when it comes to training so that workers can assess situations upon successful completion of this course. Contact us about our confined space training programs using your equipment at your workplace on your time.