How to Ensure That Your Employees Receive Effective Fall Protection Training 

In BC, work-related falls and injuries have increased since 2018.

By 2021, WorkSafeBC had accepted 4,050 claims while the work-related deaths were 161, including five people killed when a crane collapsed in Kelowna, B.C., in July.

So as an employer, it is essential to protect your workers from falls which are the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities; fall protection involves many aspects of your business. 

Here’s a guide to help you understand how you can provide your employees with the most effective fall protection training possible so that you can reduce the risk of accidents and enhance general workplace safety.

Plan: Conduct a Fall Hazard Assessment 

Before undertaking any training, you need to perform a fall hazard assessment.

These assessments are like a health checkup for your workplace. 

You want to identify all potential health hazards and evaluate the degree of risk before you can diagnose and devise solutions to ensure these health hazards never occur. 

After you have finished the evaluation, you should be able to create a plan outlining how you will eliminate or reduce the threats you have identified.

The plan should handle individual threats by selecting suitable equipment and training based on risk level.

Provide: Select Appropriate Fall Protection Equipment 

After assessing the health risks in your job, you must provide necessary protection by supplying the right equipment.

Even so, the necessary equipment must be appropriate and meet the requirements and rules of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

By meeting industry standards, you are sure the equipment is high quality and provides the necessary protection for your employees.

Next, regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure it works perfectly.

Damaged or worn-out equipment can lead to more falls. But, if you inspect and repair them regularly, you can detect any problems before they become a safety hazard.

Train: Provide Effective Fall Protection Training 

Training does not entail having a few individuals come to your company and show you how to operate a few forklifts or wear a harness. 

You need training from professionals like us to ensure your staff receives engaging and valuable hands-on training.

At Clockwork, we will teach your staff how to use the fall prevention equipment you have chosen to deploy in the workplace to prevent falls.

We will also provide them with the knowledge and skills required to operate the various machinery involved, as well as an understanding of why safety precautions are necessary.

For example, using a harness provides support and mobility so the worker can continue working while keeping safe.

Here’s a table showing the benefits of using us for fall protection training:

Benefit Explanation
Expertise Clockwork can provide in-depth training that covers all aspects of fall protection. We can also explain the dos and don’ts of using specific equipment and machines.
Customization To ensure that training is relevant and practical, our experts can build training programs to match your company’s and personnel’s specific needs.
Compliance Our expert trainers have the know-how of fall protection regulations and standards. So they can train your personnel on using fall safety equipment per the state regulatory requirements, which might be complex and ever-changing.
Efficiency Clockwork can streamline the training process, ensuring that your staff receives the necessary training in a timely and effective manner, saving your organization time and money.

It includes analyzing the training program’s efficacy to assess if it is meeting its objectives.

Then, you use employee feedback to update the training program, ensuring it remains successful and relevant.

Get Specialized Fall Protection Training 

At Clockwork, we offer specialized fall protection training to help employees identify and mitigate hazards, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Properly trained employees on how to avoid falls are more likely to operate effectively and efficiently. This decreases downtime and hence increases production.

Moreover, seeing their employers invested in their safety may help foster a safety culture in the workplace, thus increasing employee morale and productivity.

Contact us today to enroll in our specialized fall protection training.