1- Everyone taking part in the course must participate in all activities during the day in order to receive a passing mark.

2- Everyone taking part in this course must treat everyone with respect (no bulling, harassing or disrespecting).

3- Everyone taking part in this course must be physically and mentally able to conduct all activities involved.

4 – Immediately upon successful completion, Clockwork Safety & Equipment Training and its instructors are free from all liability in regards to personal injury, property damage or any other claims regardless if the trainer is still present.

5 – The personal information you provide will remain confidential but some will be accessed for recertification and promotional purposes.

6 – You will read all legal documentation regarding the course and our company and will ask for clarification if anything is unclear.

7- You will not be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs during this program. Prescription medication must be disclosed.

8 – The party that initially pays is the one who owns the certification; CS&ET will only give cards to the initial payer, regardless of circumstance.

9 – All wallet card reprints will be subject to a $15 per card processing fee.