In order to meet health and safety standards, proper training must be completed. Clockwork Training’s scissor lift training program involves both a theory portion of the course as well as practical training. Elevated work platforms can present a number of risks to workers, including falls from heights and working near overhead powerlines. Crush injuries can also happen if the lift comes into contact with a roof or another overhead structure. The risk of equipment collapsing when working on soft or uneven ground or in high winds can also pose a threat to workplace safety.

What is a scissor lift

Scissor lifts, also known as aerial lifts, boom lifts, or elevated work platforms, are great pieces of equipment that can be used to help boost productivity at workplaces and job sites, and can help prevent accidents caused by workers carrying equipment and tools up to great heights.

Why do you need lift operator training BC

The occupational health and safety regulations require employers to ensure that their workers are trained by a professional and are given an annual certificate of completion in order to operate self-propelled boom-supported and vehicle-mounted work platforms.

Annual inspections for health and safety

Equipment operators are responsible for ensuring that their equipment is compliant with regulations and is safe for use. This means that the equipment has been inspected and is being maintained and is operated by qualified operational workers.

Operator training BC needs to be completed for all aerial lift operators in order to pass inspections for health and safety.

Occupational health and safety

If a worker or company is found in violation of occupational health and safety regulations, they are then liable if any accidents or injuries occur. Although there are no regulated specific time frame guidelines for recertification, it is recommended to refresh certification every three years or so, so that all employees remain updated and aware.

What does a certificate of completion mean

Upon successful completion of the scissor lift training course, employees that are certified to operate an aerial lift can safely and legally operate such equipment in BC.

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Lift operator training

Lift training is vital for any industry using scissor lifts, as it teaches workers how to safely operate a scissor lift, keeping health and safety as a primary focal point. If a worker or lift operator is found to have not been using a scissor lift correctly and an accident occurs, the worker and company are found liable. This is why it is so important that health and safety training is done correctly. Contact us about scissor lift training at your workplace. Your Content Goes Here